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The Unfulfilled Potential In Hospitality: Hiring for, then failing to cultivate personality.

Hiring for personality signals progress in hospitality, recognising the depth of importance in building authentic interactions. Yet, the industry often stumbles post-hire, neglecting to guide staff on using their unique traits to truly connect with guests. This oversight or deprioritisation turns potential relationship-builders into robotic service providers focussed on the avoidance of mistakes.

The trend of valuing personality in recruitment is praiseworthy, acknowledging that while skills can be taught, the innate flair for genuine connection is key. However, the failure to complement this with effective individualised training is a lost opportunity. Staff, rich in personality but lacking direction, confidence, and trust struggle to channel their uniqueness into meaningful guest relations.

Training needs to go beyond standard service protocols, focusing on nurturing the individual's natural strengths to foster genuine guest connections. It's about empowering employees to be themselves authentically within the professional framework, ensuring every interaction is as unique as the individuals involved.

Properly executed, this approach doesn't just meet service expectations; it surpasses them, transforming every interaction into a memorable experience and every guest into a potential repeat visitor. The industry must shift its focus not just to hiring for personality but to cultivating it, thereby unlocking the true potential of its workforce and setting a new standard in hospitality.

Get in touch if your organisation needs support in delivering the training to unleash the personalities you’ve already hired for…


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