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Avoiding The New Year Resolutions Trap. The single-goal superpower for hospitality pros

In hospitality, where juggling multiple tasks is standard, honing in on one challenging goal can seem counterintuitive. However, neurologically, focusing intensely on a significant objective maximises cognitive resources, enhancing problem-solving and innovation. Psychologically speaking, conquering a daunting challenge boosts resilience and confidence, key traits for hospitality professionals aiming to excel.  A more narrowcast-focused effort often leads to the vast majority of the results we seek.

Identifying Your Goal:

Reflect on the areas within your personal or professional life that offer the most significant room for impact. This requires a great deal of humility, honesty and understanding of self. Seek out a trusted other to evaluate this such as a coach or mentor. Pinpoint one goal that, once achieved, will provide the most significant impact. The exercise is to find the thing that’s really holding you back and if unlocked, would open up more possibilities currently out of reach.

Understanding the Impact:

Committing to one difficult goal stimulates your brain's reward centers and neuroplasticity. This not only propels you towards the goal itself but also enhances your overall cognitive abilities, a critical enhancement in the dynamic world of hospitality.

Commitment and Strategy:

Your dedication to overcoming obstacles involved in this goal is vital. Plan for challenges and mentally prepare for the dedication required. The hospitality sector is demanding, and your unwavering focus will be your greatest asset. Ask yourself this simple question, will I do this? If the answer is not a resolute ‘yes!’, it won’t happen.


Frame your goal to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This clarity will guide your efforts and keep you aligned with your target.

Maintaining Flexibility:

Adaptability is key. Be ready to tweak your strategies for attainment of your goal as you progress, ensuring your approach remains effective and responsive to inevitable changes.

Build a Support System:

Lean on colleagues, mentors, or a coach for guidance and accountability. Their support is crucial in maintaining focus and motivation.

Self-Compassion and Resilience:

Set about to approach setbacks as learning opportunities. Setbacks are part of the journey, especially when focusing on a challenging goal. Treat them as chances to grow and learn.

Regular Reflection:

Prepare to consistently evaluate your progress. You will need to celebrate achievements and adjust your strategies to stay on course.

For those in the hospitality industry, focusing on one significant goal offers a clear path to substantial personal and professional growth. This singular focus, not only steers you toward achieving a significant specific objective but also fosters a broader transformation in your skills and mindset. As you embark on this focused journey, you're not just pursuing a goal; you're elevating your entire personal and/or professional trajectory. Choose wisely and be really resolute. This year just might turn out to be the one that didn’t get away…


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